A versatile and accurate 12 volt powered pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds from 8 outlets and 8 or16 spreader plates, or blank off outlets as required to band sow with a 5 or 7 leg subsoiler for example. Use the Turbo Jet with a tined harrow as a grass seeder when undersowing or rejuvenating pasture, and with a cultivator as a low cost one pass seeder when planting rape seed, mustard, clover, etc.

Vari Speed gives 24 motor speeds 'on the go' adjustment. RDS Wizard uses radar to automatically maintain application rate as forward speed varies, with 'on the go' adjustment of rate, plus many other features. Refer to Control Systems for details.

Complete with Vari Speed or RDS Wizard controls
5m fused power lead and 6m connector cable
Twin fans for optimum airflow
Electrically powered hopper agitator to prevent grass seed bridging
Waterproof, large capacity 240 litre semi translucent hopper
Supplied with 8 - Y connectors and 16 spreader plates

Supplied with banking rollers and air stoppers to reduce outlets
Supplied with flexible tube and universal brackets for 8m wide
Supplied with 2 sets of feed rolls. - Individual small seed/rape rolls per outlet for accuracy. High output grass seed rolls for high rate seeding.

Vari Speed Control. Manual 24 speed 'on the go' rate adjustment.
RDS Wizard to maintain selected application rates as forward speed varies.
Extension power and control cables.





 Spread width max  8m
 Suitable materials  Rape, Turnips, Kale, Mustard, Grass
 Number of outlets  8 and 16 spreaders
 Hopper capacity  240 litres
 Dimensions w/d/h  700mm x 1200mm x 1200mm
 Weight (Empty)  125kg
 Power requirements  12 volts DC 30 amps
 Turbo Jet WIZARD
 Turbo Jet VARI speed
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 Extension cables 4m
 Extension cables 6m
 Extension cables 10m

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 Standard Warranty - Warranty period is for 12 months, please see conditions of sale.

 5 Year Warranty - Stocks Duals and Box Rim rowcrop wheels carry an additional 4 year warranty. If your Stocks wheel breaks after 12 months because of faulty material or workmanship, Stocks will repair or replace it. Customers should be aware that this will not apply where the failure is due to overload, impact damage or general operator abuse. The cost of transport, tyre removal and fitting is not covered. Centre discs and paint finish are not automatically covered by warranty.
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