Fan Jet Mini Applicator

The Mini is designed for restricted spreading of slug pellets from approximately 2 – 12 metres, typically mounted to the back of a cultivator immediately prior to seed drilling, or to the back of a seed drill or cultivator-seeder whilst seeding, or a set of rolls after seeding. The standard control is a simple in-cab dial control and provides manual on-the-move rate changes or it can be supplied with the new RDS colour touch screen GPS based i-CON control for automatic speed proportionate application, and PF variable rate application working from field maps. It can also spread other granular products and seeds, such as herbicide granules in vineyards and fruit orchards, and game feed. Available with 3 hopper capacities, either 65 litres (approx 50 kgs slug pellets) or 130 litres (approx 100kgs slug pellets) or 240 litres (approx 185kgs slug pellts) and is named ‘ Fan Jet Mini 65 ‘, or ‘ Fan Jet Mini 130 ‘, or Fan Jet Mini 240 accordingly.



Choice of 65 litre or 13O litre or 240 litre hoppers.
Easy empty hopper. 65 and 130 litre only – Simply pull a pin and the complete
machine tips through 90 degrees for quick, safe emptying of contents. 240 litre fitted with tank outlet.
Weight. 65 or 130 – Net 25kgs – Gross 75kgs (65L) or 125kgs (130L) or 240 litre
– Net 56kgs – Gross 240kgs.
Power requirement. 12 volts DC – 10 amps
Dimensions – mm. W500 x D560 x H820 (65L) or H940 (130L). W660 x D710 x H1200 (240L)

Spread Widths

For all products we recommend a minimum disc height of 1m from the ground or crop canopy, and calm conditions.
Slug Pellets. Variable disc speed and adjustable width deflectors are used to alter the spread width of most pellets from 2 – 10 metres wide to match the implement.
Other products. It can be used as a game feeder, or to apply fertiliser or other chemical or herbicide granules in confined spaces such as glasshouses, orchards, vineyards and between fruit bushes and will spread other granules and seeds at narrow widths. Widths will vary according to product density.


All models are for use with seeders or cultivators. Select a suitable and robust mounting position. Note; These machines should remain upright during use and transport.
Base or back mounting.
The 65 and 130 have a tipping bracket that will attach horizontally or vertically for base or back mounting, and has 2 hole positions to adjust the angle of pitch. The 240 does not tip and is only for base mounting.
Note; The full weight of the 240 is 250kgs !
ATV’s. Use only the Mini 65 with an ATV, an ATV
Fitting Kit is available – see Cost Options.

Electric Controls

Provide variable disc and feed motor speed, with instant start and stop of spreading, and on-the-move rate change. Control console, 3.5m fused battery power lead and 6m connector cable are supplied. Extension cables as a cost option. Option of i-CON GPS based control for automatic speed proportionate application, and PF variable rates.

Spreading Features

A high quality disc motor drives the stainless steel disc which has 2 small stainless steel vanes for restricted spreading. The control console dial provides variable disc speed to give the required spread width.
Product is metered to the disc via rotating fluted feed rolls powered by a separate 2 speed electric motor coupled to a 12 speed dial on the control console to give a total of 24 feed motor speeds. The fluted rolls agitate the pellets to ensure a consistent flow.
Application rates can be changed on the move from the tractor seat.
Feed rolls supplied are suitable for most products from ultra-low rate through to high rate applications and provides a very versatile adjustable mechanism.
Alternative feed rolls are available for different products and application rates, and are easily changed. The feed motor is switched on and off for instant and positive start and stop. Application rates are set by the combination of feed roll type and speed of rotation.
The feed rolls meter product through 2 feed apertures for a more even distribution onto the disc and thus a better and more even spread pattern left and right,