Fan Jet Twin Applicator

The Twin is a low cost machine designed to spread a large, dense slug pellet typically from 20m up to a maximum of 30 metres. It is suitable to fit to any vehicle developing 40 amps, making it ideal to use with most UTV’s (utility vehicles) as well as front mounted to tractors, and self Specificationspropelled sprayers.
PLEASE NOTE. If very low application rates or forward speeds, or on-the-move manually or automatic variable rates are required, select the Fan Jet Twin PLUS with rotary feed mechanisms.
The Fan Jet Twin model described here uses 2 Fan Jets, handed left and right, which are used together but have individual LH and RH controls allowing either side to be shut off independently.The feed mechanisms, discs and disc motors are reversed on one machine to give contra-rotating discs. Cost options include a robust mounting chassis when front mounting to tractors or self propelled sprayers, and a UTV Fitting
Kit may be available. Hopper capacity each side is 65 litres giving a total capacity of 130 litres (100kgs slug pellets). An option of larger hoppers is available.



Easy empty hoppers.
Simply pull a pin and the complete machine tips through 90 degrees for quick, safe emptying of contents.
Weight Net 70 kgs, gross 170kgs. Optional Mounting Chassis 37kgs.
Power requirement. 12 volts DC – 40 amps.
Dimensions – mm. W500 x D560 x H820 each, LH and RH.
If fitted to optional chassis W1960 x D700 x H1250 total.
Spread Widths. For maximum width, we recommend a minimum disc height of 1.5m if possible, to 2m from the ground or crop canopy , and calm conditions. Slug Pellets. It can spread a large, dense, wet extruded slug pellet up to approximately 30 metres in total. Each machine spreads from the centreline of the vehicle, up to 15m each side to give a combined total of up to 30m.


If fitting to UTV’s (Utility Vehicles, eg, JD Gator, Kawasaki Mule, Kioti Mechron, etc) an optional UTV Fitting Kit may be available – see Cost Options.
If fitting to a tractor front 3 point linkage or loader, or front mounting to a self propelled sprayer, the optional Twin Mounting Chassis may be used. It is easily user adapted to suit various vehicles. We recommend front mounting direct to the chassis of self propelled sprayers using the bolt holes provided in a large vertical bracket of the chassis. A strong rigid mounting is required.
Base or back mounting. For other installations, the tipping bracket attaches horizontally or vertically for base or back mounting, and has 2 hole positions to adjust the angle of pitch.

Electric Controls

Individual LH and RH controls provide variable disc speed and individual start and stop of spreading, and a master switch starts and stops both machines together.
Control consoles, 3m fused battery power lead and a 6m connector cable are supplied.
Extension cables as a cost option.

Spreading Features

A custom built disc motor is designed to run with 20 amps (each), and maintain high speed and torque under full load to give maximum spread.
The contra-rotating stainless steel discs are handed left and right, and each has 4 long stainless steel vanes running from the centre of the disc to the outside.
Pellets are collected gently in the centre, then accelerated along the vane with less breakage to give a wider and more even spread of intact pellets with greater efficacy in the field and greater resistance to weathering.
Product is gravity metered through the feed aperture onto the discs which are deliberately biased to spread to the left and right respectively. An agitator in the hopper ensures consistent flow of pellets. The all stainless steel and plastic feed mechanism has stepless adjustment of application rate with an easy to use graduated lockable slide. Electric actuators are switched via the control console and power the separate feed shut off slides to give instant, positive start and stop to spreading.

Width and Headland Control

Independent left and right hand control is used to shut one side off for short work and as a headland control.
Variable disc speed control is used as the primary method of spread width setting and is ideal to use as headland control, simply dial down the disc speed as required.
Stepless spread bias adjustment provides adjustment of the throw of product to the left or right to fine tune the pattern, and can also be used as a headland control. Simply rotate the complete feed mechanism in the direction where you want more product.

Cost Options

UTV Fitting Kit. Depending on your model of UTV, a suitable fitting kit may be available – please enquire.
Twin Mounting Chassis. To use when fitting to tractor front linkage or the front of a self propelled sprayer. A robust tubular beam chassis with easily user adapted mounting plate.
Calibration Chute. To assist when calibrating the machine, the chute quickly and simply attaches to the Fan Jet to safely collect
and channel the pellets or seed into a collection bag for weighing. Extension connector cables are available if required in 2.5m, 6m, 10m.
Larger Hoppers. 2 x 130 litre hoppers are available – please enquire.