Maxi-Meter Applicator

The Maxi Meter is essentially a larger version of the Micro Meter, and is usually used for accurate higher rate fertiliser placement and medium to large seed sowing. Typically integrated into smaller, rigid, non folding equipment and planters to meter and distribute full size prilled or trace element fertiliser for placement when sowing OSR using a cultivator, or a maize drill, etc. The fertiliser is placed exactly where required, reducing costs, and contamination of water at field margins and focuses nutrients whilst aiding compliance of NVZ regulations.
It is equally suitable to meter many other larger granules such as sulphur, slug pellets, etc, and may be used as the metering unit in the conversion of existing machines and implements to sow larger seeds such as cereals, peas, beans and maize. Its size makes it suitable for horticultural and glasshouse work, trials equipment, etc. Maxi Meter is available with either Vari-Speed or i-CON controls. It is supplied as standard in 1 metre width and has a stainless steel hopper with 6 outlets, and 2 Maxi Meters can be used together to give up to 12 outlets. A 12volt motor drives the precision moulded plastic fluted feed rolls that meter product to delivery tubes that typically are integrated with the parent machine. Note: it is not supplied with any spreader as standard. Bespoke hopper sizes with alternative outlets may be available – please enquire.



Choice of i-CON or Vari-Speed control systems.
Power requirement. 12 volts DC – 25 amp.
Hopper capacity. 165 litres each.
Outlet spacing. 166mm
Net weight. 1m = 55kgs
Dimensions mm. W 1420 x D 370 x H 650.

Electric Controls

Two systems are available.
Vari-Speed or i-CON. Each supplied with control console, 6m connector cable from the control console. Vari-Speed supplied with 3.5m fused battery lead, i-CON supplied with 7m power lead to connect to tractor 3 pin DIN plug. If no 3 pin plug available, a fused battery lead is a cost option.
Extension cables available as a cost option.

Application Rate

Each hopper has 6 outlets.
Product is metered by a precision moulded plastic fluted feed roll driven by a stainless steel feed shaft powered by a 12 volt motor driving through a 2 speed reduction gearbox. The feed rolls slide through their housings to provide stepless rate adjustment by opening or closing the feed aperture using a simple rotary wheel, and a variable choke is used according to product size, and the feed shaft speed can be increased or decreased as required.
The application rate is set by a combination of feed aperture setting, choke setting and shaft speed – which in turn is a combination of gearbox setting (high or low speed) and feed motor speed.
A simple calibration catch and weigh test will determine the rate and settings.
Fitting to the implement. A robust chassis facilitates fitting to the parent vehicle with suitable user supplied brackets. The hopper needs to be mounted high enough to ensure gravity feed of product down the delivery tubes.

Cost Options

Extension connector cables (both)
Battery lead (i-CON only)
Bespoke hopper size and outlets – please enquire.