Micro-Meter Applicator

The Micro Meter is a modular machine, built up in metre lengths as required and used to accurately meter and distribute small seeds and microgranules, and is available with either Vari-Speed or i-CON controls. It is usually attached to rigid non-folding implements to give low cost and reduced pass operations, and is ideal to apply seeds such as rape, mustard, stubble turnips, and de-awned grass, and many microgranular materials such as OSR micro-granular fertiliser, and herbicide granules, through to full size slug pellets and low rate prilled fertilizer.
It is supplied in 1 metre widths, each with an integral steel chassis that are easily bolted together to form 1m, 2m and 3m units as required. A 12 volt motor drives fluted feed rolls that meter product through 6 outlets per metre hopper, gravity fed down delivery tubes for band sowing or to the supplied spreaders for broadcast effect. Blanking plates are supplied to reduce the number of outlets as required to match implements.



Choice of i-CON or Vari-Speed control systems. Please see pages 23-24.
Power requirement 12 volts DC – 25 amp.
Hopper capacity 60 litres each. (Approximately 40 kgs rape).
Outlet spacing 166mm
Net weight 1m = 36kgs, 2m = 61kgs, 3m = 86 kgs.
Dimensions each unit – mm. W 1020 x D 320 x H 480 less spreader or 900 including spreader.

Product range & spreading performance.

1 METRE MICRO METER – Vari-Speed or i-CON controls. Band sow up to 6
rows, or spread 1.5m. Hopper capacity 60 litres, 6 outlets, 2m spreader kit with
6 spreaders, 10m of delivery tube, 3 blanking plates.
2 METRE MICRO METER – Vari-Speed or i-CON controls. Band sow up to
12 rows, or spread 3m. Hopper capacity 120 litres, 12 outlets, 3m spreader kit
with 12 spreaders, 20m of delivery tube, 6 blanking plates.
3 METRE MICRO METER – Vari-Speed or i-CON controls. Band sow up to
18 rows, or spread 4m. Hopper capacity 180 litres, 18 outlets, 4m spreader kit
with 18 spreaders, 30 metres of delivery tube, 9 blanking plates.

Electric Controls

Two systems are available. Vari-Speed or i-CON. Each supplied with control console, 6m connector cable from the control console. Vari-
Speed supplied with 3.5m fused battery lead, i-CON supplied with 7m power lead to connect to tractor 3 pin DIN plug. If no 3 pin plug available, a fused battery lead is a cost option.
Extension cables available as a cost option.

Application Rate

Each hopper has 6 outlets. Product is metered by a precision moulded plastic fluted feed roll driven by a stainless steel feed shaft powered by a 12 volt motor driving through a 2 speed reduction gearbox. The feed rolls slide through their housings to provide stepless rate adjustment by opening or closing the feed aperture using a simple rotary wheel and the feed shaft speed can be increased or decreased as required.
The application rate is set by a combination of feed aperture setting and shaft speed – which in turn is a combination of gearbox setting (high or low speed) and feed motor speed. For 2 or 3 metre units, each hopper has its own adjuster to slide the 6 feed rolls together.
A simple calibration catch and weigh test will determine the rate and settings.
Cost option of deep groove feed rolls is available for higher output, eg, grass seed, fertiliser.