The “TM” controller is a simple, easy-to-use full colour touchscreen display.

It has a single, compact 4.3-inch touchscreen display that controls all the key functions of the Fan Jet Duo as well as displaying all the important information.

Featuring 4 main run screens to enable the user to switch between the home screen, parameters screen, details screen and mapping screen.

The home screen incorporates an integrated widget displaying feedback information regarding disk and feed motor function.  Application rate and forward speed are also displayed along with the cutting-edge feature, section control.

Section control is a user defined parameter enabling the operator to reduce the disc speed and thus the spread width down by the single press of an icon on the main home screen for either sides of the machine.

As the disc speed is reduced the application rate is also reduced to match ensuring a consistent application rate.

Headland mode is another new feature enabling the operator to define the field boundary with the first pass around the field.  The application rate will switch from on to off automatically once a percentage of the spread width is within the already applied section of the coverage map.

To ensure high levels of accuracy are possible in terms of recording as well as application, the new controller’s software incorporates features enabling products to be ‘created’ and stored, and allowing calibration settings to be recorded for each new product. In addition, there is a job creation and export feature that enables each field task to be recorded and then exported as required in a common *.csv file.

The unit is also capable of governing variable rate application in conjunction with an uploaded application prescription map, which can be observed in real time through the display.