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Stocks has been manufacturing slug pelleters, applicators and seeders as well as dual, fixed and adjustable centre wheels for over 40 years. Alongside supplying a healthy UK market in the agricultural and horticultural sectors for both wheels and tyres, applicators and seeders, Stocks supplies several OEMs and has a number of export customers around the globe.


Founded in the 1970s by agricultural engineer and farmer, Richard Stocks who saw an opportunity to build a simple broadcast applicator. Production commenced in his farm workshop near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and the rest, as they say, is history!

Today, Stocks are the largest manufacturer of specialist wheels in the UK and supply agricultural dealers, farmers, growers and contractors with a variety of narrow or row crop wheels and tyres with fixed or adjustable centres depending on the specification.

Globally, Stocks have acquired a reputation for strength and durability through their ground-breaking and patented over-center clamp and power rail for Dual Wheels.

On the applicator side, the range now extends from a simple, gravity-fed, Fan Jet to a precisely metered range of pneumatic applicators suitable for accurately spreading small seeds and granules.  As such, Stocks seeders and applicators have become widely used across agriculture in the UK and as far away as Australia.


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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