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StocksAg Micro Meter on Chariot Cultivator

Micro & Maxi Meter

The Micro Meter and Maxi Meter range are gravity fed 1m long units designed to accurately meter and apply seed, fertiliser and micro granules.

The Micro Meter is capable of accurately metering small/ medium sized seeds and granular products at low to medium rates.

The Maxi Meter has a larger capacity and is used for larger seeds and fertiliser applied at higher application rates. The Maxi Meter is stainless steel and therefore resistant to corrosive granules and fertiliser.

Being modular the Micro and Maxi Meters can be extended by adding units in series. A Combi-Drive Micro Meter is where an additional unit is added back to back with the base unit.

StocksAg Micro-Meter
  • Micro Meter with up to two add-on units
  • Micro Meter Combi Drive
StocksAg Maxi-Meter
  • Maxi Meter with up to one add-on unit
  • 1m modular sections, 60 litre hopper.
  • Max 3 sections mounted in line
  • Gravity fed, 6 outlets per unit
  • Band seeding working width of 1.5m per unit
  • Spreader plates available, total ground coverage of 1.5m per 1m section
  • Optional, GPS speed variable rate control.
  • Can be specified with small or large fluted feed rollers

Two Micro Meter units back to back. The drive for the second unit is taken from the first by a chain.

  • 1m modular sections
  • 165 litre stainless hopper
  • Larger metering unit than Micro Meter
  • 6 outlet per unit, total ground cover up to 1.5m per section (when fitted with optional spreader plates)
  • Max 2 units mounted in line (3m working width)
  • Can be specified with small or large fluted rollers



Two systems are available. Vari-Speed or i-CON. Each system is supplied with a control console, connector cable  and fused battery lead.


The stainless-steel feed shaft is powered by a 12 volt motor driving a two speed (high or low) reduction gearbox.





Vari-Speed provides effective, low-cost, manually operated electric control. A dial control sets the feed motor speed and thus the application rate and this motor can be instantly started or stopped at headlands. 

Vari-Speed is not linked to forward speed so once calibrated the operator drives at a consistent forward speed to maintain the rate, or can manually increase or decrease application rates on the move using the dial.

Vari-Speed Control Box for Micro and Maxi Meter
  • Left hand switch - feed motor on/off
  • Centre switch - metering roller high/low speed
  • Right hand dial - Metering roller speed control

The primary function of the i-CON is to automatically maintain a pre-set target application rate as the forward speed varies, with on-the-move adjustment of the rate as required.

The i-CON monitors forward speed via its own GPS sensor. Constant comparison and balancing of forward speed versus feed motor speed ensures an extremely accurate and reliable seeding rate is maintained. 

i-CON Control Box for Micro and Maxi Meter
  • 4.3” colour touch screen with 4 basic menu keys
  • Seed application rate kg/ha or seeds/m²
  • Min/max forward speed (km/h) indicator with alarms
  • Metering unit status (on/off) and alarm
  • Hopper contents kg and low level alarm
  • Part and full job totals for area (ha), product dispensed (kg) and hours worked
  • Grand total for area (ha) product dispensed (kg) and hours worked

For two, or three metering units when using i-CON control, additions are connected together by drive shafts (up to 60mm).

Each hopper has its own adjuster to slide the six feed rolls together.

Additional hoppers for the Micro-Meter



Each hopper has six outlets. However blanking plates can be used to reduce the number of outlets.

Micro Meter Applicator has a working width of 1.5m

To reduce the number of outlets. If using a seven leg subsoiler use two x 1m Micro Meters with six outlets each and blank off two from one hopper and three from the other to leave seven.


The application rate is set by a combination of feed aperture setting and shaft speed which in turn is a combination of gearbox setting and forward speed.


Each 1m hopper is supplied with a spreader kit consisting of six inverted nylon cones attached to steel tubes. Outlets are mounted on to a length of steel “C”channel which is suspended below the Micro Meter hopper.

The steel channel section can be joined to the adjacent section if more than one Micro Meter is used. The outlet spreaders slide along the steel channel and are locked in place at the required spacings.



A precision moulded plastic fluted feed roll is driven by a stainless-steel feed shaft.

Feed rollers are driven by a stainless-steel feed shaft

The feed rolls slide through their housings, to provide stepless rate adjustment, by opening or closing the feed aperture using a simple rotary wheel to increase or decrease the feed shaft speed. Either small or large fluted feed rollers can be supplied.

Micro-Meters mounted to a Cousins Patriot Cultivator



The number of Micro Meter units required is determined by the width of the implement they will be mounted to, the number of feed outlets needed and the hopper capacity required as well as the decision to broadcast or band sow.


Typically used to distribute small seeds, fetiliser or herbicide granules.
Nylon spreader cones should be 30 - 40cm from the ground. Spread widths will vary according to the density of the product being metered. Bout widths should be established before use.

Each 1m hopper has 6 spreader cones and will broadcast most granules and small seeds evenly up to 1.5m (max).

2 x 1m hoppers in series with 12 spreader cones and will broadcast most granules and small seeds evenly up to 3m (max)

3 x 1m hoppers in series with 18 spreader cones and will broadcast most granules and small seeds evenly up to 4.5m (max). i-CON machines only.


Typically used to deliver OSR behind or just to one side of a sub-soiler’s legs. Alternatively, for applying microgranular fertiliser in bands.


The hoppers should be mounted high enough to ensure product can be gravity fed down the delivery hose.

The chassis bolts together to form a rigid structure. Spare holes have been drilled to facilitate fitting to the parent vehicle with a suitably supplied bracket.

Micro-Meter gravity-fed applicator on a cultivator


Three Micro-Meter's mounted to a seed drill
StocksAg Micro-Meter on a groundcare machine
Micro-Meter Applicators on a root crop machine


Control system Vari-Speed i-CON Vari-Speed i-CON Vari-Speed i-CON
Electronic seed shaft monitoring - YES - YES - YES
Electronic adjustment of speed rate on the move YES YES YES YES YES YES
Feed rollers installed Fine/Large Fine/Large Fine/Large Fine/Large Large Large
Spreader/distributor cones YES YES YES YES Option Option
Maximum number of outlets per meter 6 6 6/12 6/12 6 6
Maximum working width per unit 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m
Acoustic and visual warnings - YES - YES - YES
Headland management by in/out work switch - YES - YES - YES
Hour counter - YES - YES - YES
Area counter - YES - YES - YES
Variable rate control with forward speed sensor - YES - YES - YES
Hopper level sensor - YES - YES - YES
Colour touch screen - YES - YES - YES
GPS speed sensor - YES - YES - YES
Control box cab mount YES YES YES YES YES YES
Hopper size (litre) 60 60 60 60 165 165

Supplied with:


5m fused battery power cable and 6m connector cable are supplied as standard.

Extension cables are a cost option.

Power requirement:

12 volts DC – 12 volts DC – 15 amps


7m fused battery power cable and 6m connector cable are supplied as standard.

Extension cables are a cost option.

Power requirement:

12 volts DC – 15 amps.




Check out our latest full brochure by clicking the image below, download is available


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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