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Fan Jet Plus

The Fan Jet Plus has all the features of the standard Fan Jet Pro in terms of spreading performance, headland control and options, although variable disc speed is standard. However, Plus models use a rotary feed mechanism, instead of a gravity feed, onto the spinning disc.

The Plus can also be mounted on most 12v agricultural machines with the exception of a quad bike due to its weight and power requirements.

Fluted feed rollers are driven by an electric motor, and the choice of feed roller and speed of rotation determines the application rate. A rotary feed allows very low application rates to be used without risk of blockages.

The standard control unit allows rates to be manually changed on the move. i-CON GPS control can be specified for ultimate accuracy. Rates are automatically controlled in proportion to forward speed. Variable rates can also be applied using the i-CON control system to link with mapping data, subject to an unlocking fee.

  • FAN JET PLUS (Vari-Speed Control)
  • FAN JET PLUS (i-CON Control)


  • Spread width up to 24m
  • Adjustable speed related application with i-Con
  • Easy, quick, stepless adjustment of bias left or right
  • Easy emptying of hopper
  • Adjustable deflectors to limit spread width
  • Disc speed adjustment to limit spread
  • Mostly used on sprayers or UTVs
  • 3500 rpm disc motor
  • Stainless steel twin-vane spinning disc
  • Electric motor adjustment of application rate
  • 12v 30A Power requirement
  • In cab electric controls. Instant feed shut off
  • 5m fused power and 6m connector cable included
  • Robust construction with high-quality motors
  • 65 or 130 litre plastic hopper
  • Optional grass seed deflector
  • Optional feed rollers available



Two Control Options



The disc speed can be 'dialled up' or down to adjust the spreading width, for example to match the implement width, or use to broadcast small seeds with minimum damage (OSR, turnips, etc).

Application rates are set by a combination of feed roller type and speed. both can be changed on the move from the tractor seat using a simple dial control.

Fan Jet Pro Plus Vari-Speed Control Box
  • Left hand switch - main power and disc on/off
  • Left hand dial - disc motor speed control
  • Right hand switch - feed motor on/off
  • Right hand dial - disc motor speed control

A simple and effective manually operated electric control is used to instantly start and stop the feed motor e.g. at headlands.


Rates are automatically controlled in proportion to forward speed for ultimate accuracy, and the machine can apply variable rates according to mapping data using a GPS based touch screen*.

*subject to unlock fee

i-CON Control Box for Fan Jet Plus
  • Seed application rate kg/ha or seeds/m²
  • Forward speed km/hr
  • Minimum/maximum forward speed indicator with alarms
  • Metering unit status (on/off) and alarm
  • Disc status (on/off) and alarm
  • Hopper contents kg and low level alarm
  • Part and full job totals for area (ha), product dispensed (kg) and hours worked
  • Grand total for area (ha) product dispensed (kg) and hours worked
  • ISOBUS compatibility kit available

Quoted spread widths are only a guide. The density of product diminishes towards the extremity and so an overlap is recommended.

Fan Jet Pro Plus spread width

The maximum spread width is determined by:

  • Product type & integrity
  • Product density
  • Application rate
  • Forward speed
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Disc height from crop canopy

An easily attached, optional adjustable deflector reduces and controls the spread width for products such as grass seed.


Optional seed deflector





The fluted feed rollers supplied are suitable for most products from low to high rate applications. The rollers agitate the product to ensure a consistent flow. The feed roller meters product onto the spinning disc.

Fluted Feed Rollers for Fan Jet Pro Plus

Alternative feed rollers are available for specialist pellets and seeds. These are easily changed to provide suitable application rates.

Fan Jet Pro Plus on McConnel Robocut



An optional calibration aid, a steel chute is easily attached and collects and deflects the product being spread into a user provided bag for weighing during calibration checks. The calibration aid is supplied as standard with all i-CON models.


Fan Jet’s can be supplied with optional waterproof covers for use when out of work.



Check out our latest full brochure by clicking the image below, download is available


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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