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The Fan Jet range of applicators are cost effective and multi-purpose. Product is either gravity fed or metered onto a spinning disc for broadcast application. The spinning disc is driven by a 12v electric motor as standard. A choice of hopper size, spread width and mounting options are also available across all models.

Primarily used for slug pellet application, the Fan Jet is also an effective broadcaster of grass seed, other small seeds, granular products, game feed and even fish food!

All Fan Jet applicators share manual headland control functionality which is particularly important with chemical products, including slug pellets, to ensure product does not contaminate water courses or margins.

The table below compares all the applicators in the Fan Jet range.

Stocks Fan Jet Spread Widths

N.B. Fan Jet maximum spread widths require full size slug pellets, correct disc height, correct power source and calm conditions.
Hopper capacity for slug pellets: 65 litre = 50kg, 130 litre = 100kg.


Control system Fixed Speed  Vario-Speed  Vari-Speed i-CON Vari-Speed i-CON VS-2 TM
Single disc YES YES YES YES YES YES - -
Twin disc - - - - - - YES YES
Sliding plate (aperture) feed YES YES - - - - - -
Metered feed - - YES YES YES YES YES YES
Max spread width 24m 24m 24m 24m 12m 12m 36m 36m
Hopper capacity (litre) 65/130 65/130 65/130 65/130 65/130 65/130 2 x 65/130 2 x 65/130
Adjustable electric disc speed - YES YES


Automatic rate control with speed sensor - - - YES - YES OPTION YES
Electronic shutter control YES YES N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Electronic metering feed roller control - - YES YES YES YES YES YES
Spread pattern bias adjustment YES YES YES YES - - YES YES
Acoustic and visual warnings - - - YES - YES YES YES
Boundary management - - - - - - - YES
Auto on/off via external sensor - - - YES - YES OPTION YES
Section control - - - - - - - YES
Hour counter & area counter - - - YES - YES - YES
Display of operating voltage & amps - - - YES - YES - YES
Colour touch screen - - - YES - YES - YES
Precision farming software capable - - - YES * - YES* - YES
GPS speed & hopper level sensor - - - YES - YES OPTION YES
Seed library (saved calibrations) - - - - - - - YES
USB flash drive updates - - - YES - YES - YES
Able to operate two units from one box - - - - - - YES YES

Supplied with:
5m fused battery power cable and 6m connector cable are supplied as standard.
Extension cables are a cost option.
Power requirement:
12 volts DC – 20 amps. Except the DUO which is 60amp (2 x 30amp)

*licence fee required 



Recommend only for the Pro 65 the ATV fitting kit enables quick and easy fitting to the majority of ATV’s on the market today.


Specifically designed and built by Stocks AG to compliment the Fan Jet range of machines. Utilising the full width of the Utility Vehicle to achieve optimum spread pattern and width. Comes complete with a junction box mounting plate, forklift brackets and fully assembled. Supplied as a “Single Carrier” chassis for the use of a Fan Jet Pro or Plus. For the Twin and Duo machines, an “Additional Carrier” is required. When ordered in conjunction with any Fan Jet, is fully assembled and ready to go to work.


Most commonly mounted to the chassis of self-propelled
sprayers, An optional front mounting beam positions the
pair of Fan Jets 1.9m apart centre to centre.

Stocks recommend that the applicators are lowered for
safe filling and emptying as well as the calibration of each
applicator and then raised to a working height of 2m.


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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