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StocksAg Fan Jet Duo mounted to a Chafer Sprayer

Fan Jet Duo

The Fan Jet Duo consists of a pair of contra rotating and upgraded Fan Jet Pro Plus applicators. The two applicators running in tandem are typically used to broadcast slug pellets, up to a maximum of 36m (product and mounted height dependent).

The Duo can be fitted with either twin 65 or 130 litre hoppers. 

Typically, the Duo is mounted to self-propelled sprayers. However, the Duo can also be mounted to tractor front linkages and UTV’s. It can be rear mounted, although not recommended, on sprayer booms due to its weight.

The control options for the Duo include the VS-2 control or the more sophisticated TM (twin metering) system. 

Stocks Fan Jet Duo
  • Fan Jet Duo 2x65
  • Fan Jet Duo 2x130
  • Pair of contra-rotating upgraded Fan Jet Pro Plus applicators
  • Product is metered via fluted feed roller onto each disc, which is biased left or right
  • Spread width up to 36m
  • Powerful 5000rpm robust and reliable disc motors
  • 4 vane stainless steel spinning discs
  • Choice of feed roller. Speed of feed roller rotation determines application rate
  • Mostly used with self-propelled sprayers
  • Fixed roller speed metering with optional speed related metering (VS-2)
  • TM (Twin Metering) control option
  • 65 or 130 litre polyethylene, semi-translucent hoppers
Stocks Fan Jet Duo mounted to HE-VA Cambridge Rolls





The VS-2 offers fixed speed metering with optional speed related metering. Calibration should be set to the optimal working speed before set-off.

With optional GPS, the VS-2 can regulate the speed of the feed motor according to forward speed to maintain the selected application rate. This simple, easy to use option has an audio visual alarm to alert the operator of any malfunction.

Fan Jet Duo VS-2 Control Box
  • Switch 1 - feed motor on/off
  • Switch 2 - feed motors left/right
  • Switch 3 - feed motor speed range adjustment
  • Middle dial - feed motor speed adjustment
  • Switch 4 - spinning disc speed
  • Right dial - disc motor speed control
  • Includes alarm lights

A simple but effective manually operated left and right electric control is used to instantly start and stop the feed motor e.g. at headlands. Application rates and width are set by the combination of feed roller type and speed of spinning disc rotation.


The sophisticated TM controller is supplied with a 4.3” colour touchscreen and has an intuitive layout; displaying the application rate, spread width and forward speed for each unit.

The TM provides cutting edge features such as section control and headland control. It is also capable of applying variable rates in conjunction with an uploaded precision farming map, clearly shown in real time on the control screen.

Fan Jet Duo TM Control Screen
  • 4.3” colour touchscreen
  • Simple and intuitive layout
  • 4 screens – home, parameters, details and mapping
  • Forward speed related metering with GPS
  • Variable rate application (in conjunction with uploaded precision map)
  • Records each job/field and stores in memory

The application rate is automatically controlled according to how much of the spread width is within the already applied section of the coverage map. The software can be programmed to record each job/field, allowing calibration settings and rates to be ‘remembered’ for future use.


Most commonly mounted to the chassis of self-propelled sprayers the Duo can also be fitted to a tractor front linkage or to a UTV, as long as the electric power requirements are met.

Both electrical power and height above crop of the spinning disc can be limiting factors in spread width - e.g. a Duo mounted to a UTV has a spread width of 32m, due to the height of the UTV.

An optional front mounting beam positions the pair of Fan Jet Pro Plus at 1.9m apart centre to centre.

Fan Jet Duo mounting frames for self-propelled sprayers and UTV's


The applicators should be lowered for safe filling and emptying as well as the calibration of each applicator and then raised to a working height of 2m.


The steel hopper is easily attached to collect the product being spread into a user provided bag for weighing during calibration checks. The calibration aid is supplied as standard with all i-CON models.


All Fan Jet models can be supplied with optional waterproof covers for use when out of work.



Check out our latest full brochure by clicking the image below, download is available


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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