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StocksAg Dual Wheels on a Fendt

Standard Dual Wheels

Whilst dual wheels are most commonly used on tractors, they can also provide benefits for combines, drills and cultivators. 

Stocks standard range of dual wheels feature heavy-duty clamps, hooks, eye nuts, and eye bolts. Most clamp components are made from heat-treated high tensile drop forged steel, making them the strongest available.

  • High quality rims
  • Continuously machine welded power rail
  • High tensile steel threaded rods
  • Hardened and tempered hookends
  • Ribbed spacer bands
  • Easy to fit and tension wheel clamps
  • Any brand/any size of tyre
  • Colour matched paint
  • Increased traction - increased work rates with less fuel wastage, more hectares for less
  • Decreased compaction - improved soil structure, drainage and plant establishment
  • Reduced deep wheelings - fewer expensive remedial deep cultivations
  • Reduced wheel slip - reduced tyre wear and soil smearing
  • Reduced tyre pressures - improved ride and bigger tyre footprint
  • Increased stability - increased safety on hillside work.
  • Double the tyre beads - reduced chance of tyres spinning on the rims of high horsepower tractors
  • One design only - suitable for tractors of any HP



High quality rims up to 8mm thick have a power rail rolled from 50mm x 12mm steel, continuously machine welded into them to provide the anchor for the clamps and to reinforce the rim.


To make life simple there is only one specification of dual for each tyre size, and the number of clamps and other variables are allowed for in the design. All Stocks need is the tyre size, make and model of tractor, and the appropriate dual wheel can be supplied.

Dual Wheels fitted to Fendt




The design of the clamp means easy fitting to fixed centre wheels. A unique removable spacer allows the clamps to work correctly when eye nuts are fitted to wheel weight holes or attached to wheel rim bolts.


Up to 8mm thick conforming to ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) standards, built to your requirements.


Up to 6mm thick are rolled with a rib for additional strength and a precise concentric fit into the tapered bead section of the tractor wheel.

The ribbed band ensures that the duals fit correctly and always run true. They are also easy to remove without becoming wedged and do not loosen when driving backwards.


Rolled from 50 x 12mm steel, continuously machine welded into the rim using a special process, to provide the anchor for the clamps and to reinforce the rim. A bolt in power rail option is available to enable adjustable wheels to be used as dual wheels.



Made from high tensile steel, Stocks threaded rods have a thread pitch of 2.5mm to ensure both durability and strength. All forged products conform to British and European standards.


Eye nuts are attached to wheel weight holes, specifically drilled holes or rim bolts. A full range of different eye nuts are available to suit all tractors and wheel types (see p.09). They are drop-forged carbon steel, hardened and tempered to BS970, with a tensile strength up to 700N/mm².


There is no need to rotate the dual for alignment with the tractor wheel. Wherever the eye nuts are attached to the tractor wheel a hook can be fitted to the eye nut. An over-centre clamp is fitted to the dual wheel power rail and tensioned with the handle supplied. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied with each pair.


StocksAg Dual Wheels on a Massey Ferguson

The clamps attach to the power rail, which is positioned to the outside of the dual rim, rather than onto the spacer band. It is much easier and safer to fit and tension the clamps in this position without needing to reach deep inside the wheel to make adjustments.

Once the clamps are correctly tensioned, they are locked into position with the supplied “R clips“ to prevent accidental release.


Please enquire for any special requests including; extra wide or narrow spacer bands. Colour matched paint is an option, matte black is applied as standard.



On forestry and other specific wheels, Stocks can fit a variety of valve guards for optimum valve protection.

StocksAg Valve Guards

Valve guards fitted to Stocks Wheels


All wheels are colour matched if requested and any paint type can be specified.

StocksAg Colour Matched Wheels

Stocks Wheels are colour matched to match your tractor


Check out our latest full brochure by clicking the image below, download is available


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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