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New to the market and being showcased at Groundswell 2023, is a mounting kit to fit a Stocks Ag Turbo Jet 10 to pneumatic trailed Sky EasyDrill's. The new mounting kit allows separate metering and accurate application of Avadex through an additional set of outlets behind the drills press wheel.

Stocks Turbo Jet 10 on Sky Agriculture EasyDrill at Groundswell 2023

The mounting kit is designed to integrate with the Sky EasyDrill and consists of a loading platform, steps and guard rail to meet all safety regulations and maintain a safe environment for the operator.

The Turbo Jet on display at Groundswell is specified for the 6m Sky EasyDrill, it has been colour matched, fitted with a 240ltr hopper and includes an Avadex feed block metering roller, 32mm seed hoses and 10 outlet spreader plates, allowing for an even application. The Turbo Jet Avadex applicator fitting kit is also available for the 4m and 8m EasyDrill, 4m specified with a Turbo Jet 8 (8 Outlets) whilst the 8m EasyDrill be specified with the Turbo Jet 10 (20 outlets), with the option of a 400lt hopper.

For ease of operation the Turbo Jet 10 is fitted with the intuitive i-CON Control, which allows for rates to be automatically controlled in proportion to forward speed for ultimate accuracy. When the Turbo Jet is not being utilised for Avadex application it can be used as an additional applicator enabling a fully specified drill to apply 5 products at once through 3 different outlets. Furthermore the Turbo Jet can apply variable rates of product according to mapping data using a GPS based touch screen.

Stocks Ag, Aftersales Director Tim Farrow, commented;

“With this new option available to market, we aim to meet the needs of Sky EasyDrill owners that are looking for an applicator that will precisely meter and accurately spread Avadex granules through a separate distribution circuit. The granules are applied directly to the seed bed behind the drill allowing for a consistent even spread pattern.

Tim continued, “The application accuracy of the Turbo Jet mounted on a Sky drill has been independently tested and exceeds NSTS requirements.”

This option is available directly to Sky EasyDrill owners or available through OPICO Ltd. and their SKY Agriculture dealer network for any new Sky EasyDrill installation.

Although the Turbo Jet is the ideal applicator for Avadex it can also be used for applying clover seed, full-rate grass reseeds, and cover crops, when mounted to a wide variety of machines, including grass harrows, cultivators.

Do you want to retro-fit our Turbo Jet to your cultivator or drill? No problem - at Stocks Ag, we can supply you with generic mounting parts to help you with self-fitting. Contact us for more information. 


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

Made in Britain

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