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Granular applicators saw a boom period as farmers searched the armoury to combat black-grass, now the versatility of the machines is shining through.

Turbo Jet on inter-row cultivator

The versatility of the units has played a key role in their popularity, said Henry Potter from Stocks Ag, which offers an extensive range of broadcasting and band-sowing machines, often mounted on the cultivator to reduce passes. “These aren’t the most expensive machines, but they are not the cheapest either and they’re not a necessity, so that added versatility and the ability to move mounted units from machine to machine makes them very attractive;’ he explained.

Mr Potter added that the cost of an applicator is far outweighed by the potential crop losses associated with weed pressure Mr Potter can see more uses for the machines in the future. Targeted application of chemicals is becoming more popular and new products to increase crop success are coming down the line. “We have tested with water retention polymers,” he said. “These would normally be used in very dry, arid climates but with more unpredictable weather patterns, there could certainly be a market in the UK.”

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This article originally appeared in Farm Contractor & Large Scale Farmer in April 2021.


Wisbech is still the home of Stocks Ag. All applicators are fabricated, assembled and painted in the Cambridgeshire factory. Precision assembly and quality control are paramount to the production process.

The R & D team work with both the factory and farmers to deliver a seeding solution that is fit for current farming practices.

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